A Small Bucking Stock Breeder with
Proven Genetics For Big Time Contractors!
Action Cattle Co would like to thank the following
customers for their purchases .
We wish you much success with your calves. Let us know
how they do for you in the future, bucker's, producers etc
Its been a pleasure doing business with each and every
one of you.

Rampage Cattle Co
Flying P Farms
Sharp Bucking Bulls
Scruggs Bucking Bull
T Bar V Bucking Bulls
Pullin Cattle Co
Poison Creek Cattle Co
Jennings Cattle Co
Triple Threat Bucking bulls
CG Bucking Bulls
Rocking C Cattle
Kirkman Bucking Bulls
2N Bucking Bulls
Rafter 3 Ranch
Butch Martin
Bar 3 D
Rocking L Bucking Bulls
Brett Barrett , Elite Bucking Bulls
DCH Cattle
Jason & Mary Odom
David Slaterpryce
Chip Payne, Paynes Ranch
Gonzales Cattle Co
Danny Keller
David Flores
Dynamite Bucking Bulls
Flying O Bucking Bulls
T-M Bucking Bulls
Copperhead Road Rodeo Co
H-3 Cattle Co,
Bucking Ranch
Patterson Cattle Co
Sampson Buckers
Walking 3M Cattle Co
Southern Legend Cattle
Anthony May Bucking Bulls
Tyler Brown/Brian Wheeler Bucking Bulls
5 Oh Bucking Bulls
Eduardo Nolasco
Stewert Bucking Bulls
Rancho Los 3 Sietes
Tate's Teetern Bulls
Buckin M Cattle Co
Aim Straight Cattle Co
Apex Genetics
Josh & Jessica Sullivan
Lazy Hearts Ranch
T-Y Bucking Bulls
David Slaterprye
Dan Mayers
Rockin KL
S Bar M/Flying Diamond Bucking Bulls
Diamond M Cattle
Poncho Self
Kasy Van House
Talley HO Bucking Bulls
BKA Bucking Company
Pam Washington Bucking Bulls
Timothy Shannon
Leon Lebow
Meyers Bucking Bulls

Thank you again
Rick Morris
Action Cattle Co
Rick Morris
843 Crooked Creek Road
Edgewood   TX , 75117
Phone: 318-347-1293
Past and Present Customers